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1. Title of the invention: 


'System and kit for monitoring blood glucose

profile based on breath analysis”

Status: Granted on 26/05/2023

Patent no: 431879

File No. 201631003758

Filing date: 03/02/2016

Country: Indian Patent (2016)


 I) Chiranjit Ghosh

 ii) Manik Pradhan












2. Title of the invention: 


"Dioxo vanadium (V) complex as carbonic anhydrase inhibitor"

Status: Granted on 19/06/2020

Patent no: 338829

File No. 201631038296

Filing date: 09/11/2016

Country: Indian Patent 


i) Chiranjit Ghosh

ii). Manik Pradhan

iii) Debashis Patra

iv)Tapas Ghosh









3. Title of the invention: 


"A System for monitoring hemodialysis efficacy of a subject"

Status: Granted on 16/05/2023

Patent no: 431879

File No. 201731042502

Filing date: 27/11/2017

Country: Indian Patent 


i). Chiranjit Ghosh

ii). Santanu Mandal

iii). Manik Pradhan
















 4. Title of the invention: 

 "Mixed use binder for solid phase microextraction coatings"



i) Varoon Singh

ii) Chiranjit Ghosh

iii) Jonathan Grandy

iv) Janusz Pawliszyn

Status: Provisional filed 

US Patent Application 10545077

  and 16/704426


Filing date: 14/08/2020

Country: USA 

5. Title of the invention: 

 "System for Monitoring smoke composition with screen-printed sensors"  


i) Chiranjit Ghosh

ii) Mohammad Saquib 

iii) M. Selvakumar 

iv) Ramakrishna Nayak 

v) Abdul Hannan Ibrahim 

Patent Application: 202341066090

Status: Filed

Date: 03/10/2023


Filing date: 14/08/2020

Country: India

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